Australia Post Refund Policy

Missing, damaged or delayed items If you’re looking for a missing item, or want to know more about compensation and refunds, here’s what to do and how we can help.

All products sold by Australia Post must be:

  • fit for all the purposes for which goods of that kind are commonly supplied
  • acceptable in appearance and finish
  • free from defects
  • safe
  • durable

You can return an item to us if:

  • it’s faulty
  • it’s incorrectly described
  • it’s different from a sample shown
  • it doesn’t do what we said it would do
  • it’s not of an acceptable quality

If the product is unsafe, can’t be fixed within a reasonable time, or you simply would not have bought it given the nature of the defect, we’ll offer you an exchange, repair or refund.

Where to return your item

You should return the product to the post office where you bought it so we can try to address the issue. If you can’t return to the outlet where you purchased the product, or if you bought it online, please phone 13 13 18 for assistance.

Proof of purchase

To ask for an exchange, repair or refund, you’ll need to prove that you purchased the product at the outlet you have returned the item to. If you can’t provide a sales receipt, another form of proof of purchase will be required.

If the product is assessed to be faulty or unfit for its intended purpose, refunds will be issued using the same method as your original payment.

Mobile phones and electronic items

If your mobile phone or electronic item isn’t working, you can either return the device to the post office from which it was purchased, or contact the manufacturer directly yourself.

If you choose to return the product to the post office where it was purchased, the post office will then contact the manufacturer on your behalf to request a warranty claim. Please allow 7-14 working days for a response with regards to your claim.

In some cases, we’ll need to return the product to the manufacturer to determine if there’s a fault or whether the product has been damaged from incorrect use. Products damaged from incorrect use aren’t usually eligible for a refund, repair or exchange.

We’ll consider each return based on the type of product, its price, the nature of the goods, what we told you it would do and how it was advertised.

For mobile phone network issues, or to modify your network plan, please contact your communications supplier directly.

Mail related products

For information regarding return of mail related products, such as prepaid envelopes, satchels, boxes, packaging products and postage stamps, please refer to the Australia Post Terms and Conditions.

Prepaid mobile phone contact details

For technical assistance with mobile phones purchased at Australia Post, please contact the manufacturer.

Optus / Boost: 1300 555 002
Telstra Mobile: 125 8880
Virgin: 1300 555 100
Vodafone: 1300 650 410
GRLmobile: 1300 GRL GRL

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