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Australia post will provide all the Postal Services for the people in Australia and its Overseas territories. For all Australia Postal Corporation, the services offered by the Australia post is The trademark name. Australia post is owned by the Australian government with the responsibility of providing all the services for the customers. Australia post head office is located at 111 Bourke Street, Melbourne 3000 and was established on April 25th, 1809.It also serves as a local post office for the people in the country. The services provided by the Australia Post for all the individuals in the country will serve for all the business transaction, postal mail and other packages from one location to another. The services provided by the Australia post for all the individuals in the country will serve for all the business transaction, postal mail and other packages from one location to another. Australia post is the best ways in which the customers can easily ship their packages which are either domestic and international parcel. The services offered by the Australia post is also very reasonable and most of the people living in the country are preferred to use this services due to its low cost and best maintenance.

Australia Post Tracking

Australia Post Tracking is very easy to track all your shipments by using the tracking services provided by the Australia post. You will be getting real-time tracking information and it is also available with visualized delivery path. The customers can track the shipment and with the help of Google Maps, you can also exactly locate the present package location. For this, you need to have a tracking number which will be provided for each and every individual who booked the shipment by using Australia post services. The package or your shipment can be tracked by using any of the online tracking tool available by the Australia post. The tracking tools will easily help you to look at the exact location of your shipment and it will give you up to date information. The tracking of the package can be done by online tracking, email tracking, SMS tracking and phone tracking. The customer care majorly used any one of the services in order to know the tracked the information of their shipment. Here you can find the common procedure which will help you to easily track your package. The procedure is same for all the online tracking tools that you use.

  1. The first step is to go to the official website from where you can easily track your package of Australia post.
  2. Then you should enter your tracking number or a Bible number in the box that has been provided.
  3. Next, you should complete the verification process and then click on the submit option.
  4. In the next page and you will find the company information about your shift package with the current location.

Features & Services of Australia Post Tracking

The features that are provided by the Australia post is one of the best things that the customers would like to enjoy the most. All the interesting features delete help the customer in order to fully utilize the services which are offered by the Australia post.

  • Tracking your shipment is one of the main features that you can find in Australia post.
  • There is also and availability of signature on delivery in which the sender will know that the package has reached the exact person.
  • Australia post will completely take the responsibility if there is any loss or damage of the package during shipping.
  • The cost of shipping the package is very reasonable and they are also some additional discounts applicable.
  • By using the Australia Postal Services you can easily send bulk registered post items from one location to another location.

Along with the best features that are available in Australia post you can also find some extraordinary services which are offered to the individual customers based on their choice of service. The services which are offered by the Australia post for its customers are given below.

Express post parcel: Express post parcel is the next business day delivery service which is available within Australia. In this service, the package will reach the destination within one day.

eCommerce solutions: eCommerce solutions will provide the customers with the range of helpful products from payment services in order to provide the services to delivery which may be using e-commerce very easily.

Sending overseas: Sending overseas service will help you to easily send any package all over the world with less cost. In this service also you will find some additional services based on the service that you have selected.

Manage your mail: It is very easy for the customer to manage the mails that they are sending by using the Australian Postal Services.

Australia Post mobile apps: Australia Post mobile apps will provide you with all the information in which you can directly with your shipment from your mobile. You can also pay your bills from selected provider. With the help of the application, you can also track the shipment location.

Australia Post Tracking Number Format

Australia Post tracking will consist of the most common tracking number format which will usually consist of 13 alphabetic and numeric characters. And the tracking number format usually starts with two alphabets and it is followed by 9 digits and ends with “AU”. For example, the tracking format will usually consist of EE 999 999 999 AU which is mostly followed by Australian post tracking. In some rare cases, there may also be some other format which may also exist in order to track the location of the shipment. With the help of which tracking number the customers can easily track the exact location of the shipment which will be different for each and every customer.

Australia Post Customer Number

For any problem, the Australian port customers can directly call the customer care representative and clarify the doubts. The customer care services are available at any time to help the individual customers in order to resolve the problem. For each and every service you will be provided with the number so that you can directly contact the specified service. Which in few hours the customer care representative will take action against your complaint or will resolve your problem. The customer care support is available Monday through Friday, 8 am – 6 pm Australia-wide. So the customers can call at any time in order to utilize the services offered by the Australia post.

Service Customer care number
within Australia 13 POST (13 76 78)
Customer service overseas 00 61 3 8847 9045

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